Release 10/24/2016

New Tool

Peer-to-Peer Events

Peer to Peer Fundraising is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from people via the internet. Sometimes referred to as 'personal fundraising campaigns', these can be a very effective fundraising tool for nonprofits. Prior to this release, Engage clients were able to use the robust Events tool, however if team-focused or personal fundraising was a priority, it was not possible until now.

Engage's Peer to Peer tool allows organizations to create, manage, promote, and measure the success of Peer to Peer Events in one central place. Inspiring supporters to raise money for organizations has never been simpler. Engage's P2P tools are powerful but designed to be easy to use. Learn more about P2P Events creation, management and metrics via the step-by-step details here. To add Peer-to-Peer Events to an existing Engage account, please contact us at 866.796.8345.

Salsa CRM + Engage Client Updates

Prior to this release, Salsa Engage allowed a Campaign Manager to choose to send transactions either to the CRM's "Web Donation" queue or the "Resolution" queue.  This release replaces these options with a dropdown option that will allow the Campaign Manager to select which Fund, Campaign and Appeal to assign to the donation.  Because the queues have been eliminated, there is no longer any need for human intervention--all supporters and donations will be stored automatically in the CRM, typically three to five minutes after the transaction has been stored in Engage.   Your organization will want to use the Constituent Merge tool periodically to merge duplicate constituents.

If your organization has existing published forms, you will want to edit those forms and select the Fund, and optionally, Campaign and Appeal that should be assigned to each donation created by this form.  These dropdowns are specific to each form - you'll want to edit these values on each form as soon as possible. Donations that are processed before you set a fund on an existing form will saved in the CRM with the "Salsa Engage Default" fund. Once these donations are saved to the CRM, you can update any donations stored with the "Salsa Engage Default" fund to another fund as needed.




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